Aplastic Anemia

I was hospitalised and treated for Aplastic Anemia (a blood platelet deficiency disorder) when I was told the gospel. I was shown straight from the Bible that I must be born again of water and the spirit to be right with God.

Initially, I was sceptical about what the pastor had shared with me. However, that perception quickly changed because he kept referring to the Bible throughout the sharing. I was eventually convinced by the infallibility of the Bible, that is, God’s Holy Word. I decided to get baptised by full immersion. Later, I received the Holy Spirit with the Bible evidence of speaking in tongues.

Despite my prior knowledge of Christianity, I never thought of seeking God for the healing of my illness. However, after I received the Holy Spirit, I knew I could commit my ailment to God. My health condition has since stabilised and improved tremendously; this has been accompanied by a significant increase of my blood platelet count. The doctor has taken me off medication completely. By this, I know I have been healed by the power of God.