David Chiang - Stroke Miracle

My name is David Chiang and I was baptised by full immersion and received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues in November, 1993. 

My healing testimony begins on the evening of 7 November 2011 at dinnertime. I had taken a short afternoon nap and was still sleepy when my wife woke me for dinner. Halfway through dinner I began to feel unwell and "weird". It was a feeling I never encountered before. I began flexing and stretching my right hand because it suddenly felt weak. Then swallowing became difficult and my speech started to slur. Alarm bells sounded in my head: "Something is seriously not right". I tried walking to my bedroom to lie down but coordination between my legs was suddenly out of whack. My senses were slowing and my wife Ginny had to support me to reach the bed. I sat down on the bed and tried praying in tongues. My normally fluent prayer seemed to be in 'slow motion'. My wife encouraged me to keep praying and urged my daughter Chloe to come and join in 'laying hands' on me. 

I began to panic and felt I was about to die. I remembered turning to my daughter and saying that I loved her - I wanted to say 'goodbye'. She cried and prayed harder. During that time both my wife and daughter never stopped praying in tongues. Ginny had the presence of mind to alert our church 'prayer circle' by SMS and asked all to pray urgently. 

I slowly went weaker and the right side of my face became numb. I knew it was a stroke. But within me I began to calm down and wasn't worried about dying because I knew the Lord was with me. 

Ginny called an ambulance and it arrived within 10 minutes with four staff (miracle #1). They quickly loaded me in the ambulance and sped to the nearest hospital in only 10 minutes (miracle #2). The Accident & Emergency doctor checked me and ordered an immediate "Stroke Protocol" and I was wheeled off for various MRI and X-Ray scans. When Ginny arrived at the A & E Dept soon after, she was informed by the doctor that I had a stroke and that the bleeding originated in the brain stem - an area too dangerous to operate on. He explained there was nothing they could do at that point, but to try and bring my blood pressure down and hope that the bleeding would stop by itself, and to decide thereafter what to do with me. The doctors said any operation at all would be too dangerous to perform. In short, they really couldn't help me.

Throughout my ordeal, I was awake and tried talking to Ginny but my speech was very slurred and she couldn't make out what I was trying to say. I also experienced uncontrollable twitching in my right leg and the night in the high dependency ward was unbearable. Ginny was praying in the waiting lounge outside the ward for a miracle after hearing the doctor's diagnosis. 2 hours later, when she walked into my ward, I talked to her and she could understand me – a sign to her that the lord has taken over the situation – and that I will be alright! 

My blood pressure did not drop for another day and a half, but it is a miracle that the bleeding stopped (we believed it stopped shortly after my arrival at the hospital) as we discovered 3 days later when the neurosurgeon said the bleed was small and it would be reabsorbed by the body. The doctor kept saying I was very lucky to be alive as most of his stroke patients had basically bled to death! He had claimed that with my situation, we should be happy if I had an 80% recovery, but with the damage from the bleed, I would not be the same again! We were not disheartened with what was said but expected The Lord to heal me totally and restore me 100%. 


Saints took turns to visit me in hospital and brighten my days. There were moments I felt down, especially when I realised I couldn't even lift my right hand to write or hold things. But I could still pray. The visiting church folk kept my thoughts anchored in the Lord and prevented me from having pity-parties. I thank the Lord for having them by me to encourage me despite their busy schedules. Laughter and positive encouragement at my bedside contrasted sharply with the general gloom in the ward. 

Each day over the next few days, the Lord gave me miracle after miracle as everyone kept praying for me. I began to speak clearly, walk, feed myself (even swallowing was a miracle) and take showers on my own. One therapist claimed I am a case of 'spontaneous recovery' and was amazed at how quickly I was recovering. It was during this time I learnt everything I was able to do is because He enabled me to. I was humbled by the lessons He taught me. God never left me in the lurch. He was with me every step of my ordeal as I prayed quietly in tongues continually. 

I was discharged after just 6 days of hospitalisation (13 November 2011). The healing has continued at home and at the church camp. I learnt from a brother who is a brain surgeon that without divine intervention, I will never be able to recover at this pace and with such perfection. All Praise and Glory to His Name!