What is speaking in tongues?

It is a miracle and a personal sign. It is the consistent sign that one has received the Holy Spirit.

  • Jesus taught that we should expect Him to confirm our believe (belief) with SIGNS following (Mark 16:16-20). We are to believe that He will baptize us with His Spirit!
  • Everyone in the original group, of about 120 people, who was taught by Jesus spoke in tongues when they received the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:1-4, 33) as they waited in "one accord" (one understanding and expectation).
  • This was the universal sign the apostles relied on to recognized (identify) that someone has received the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:45,46; 11: 15; 19: 1-7).
  • It is a language unknown to the speaker (I Corinthians 14:14). It is a supernatural gift, God given ability. It is not learnt.
  • One does not fall backward unconscious while speaking in tongues. No evidence of this in the scriptures.
  • We speak together in partnership, the Spirit gives to us the words, while we have control over the volume and duration (Acts.2:4).
  • When one speaks in tongues the bible informs us that we are speaking only to God.