Baby JingXuan - Cheryl's & Tock Meng's Miracle Baby

Baby Jing Xuan was found to have a couple of abnormalities while she was in her mother's womb. Doctors were surprised by the results after her parents called out to the Lord!


During the first trimester screening for Down Syndrome, a

n ultrasound examination showed the absence of the nasal bone, a worrying sign of Down Syndrome.

At the subsequent scan, we prayed and her nasal bone appeared on the monitor screen!


1. A fetal growth scan revealed the development of her thigh bone was not normal, it was below the normal range.

Doctor was extremely worried,she tried to comfort us saying “Unlikely she’s a dwarf...”.


At the subsequent scan, we had that peace of God again. Report showed that the development of the thigh bone had gone back to normal.

Doctor could only say: “Seems like your prayers are very effective.”