Ian Ang - Protection from Car Accident

On my last day of National Service in the military, I was happily driving home from camp. The road I took home was a narrow 2-way road, a single lane for each direction. 

As I was driving, I saw an earth-mover approaching from the opposite direction. However I did not see a delivery truck tailgating that earth-mover, until the truck swerved into my lane to overtake the earth-mover. 

Having no time to react, I smashed into the truck at a pretty high speed. After stepping out of the vehicle (which was a miracle in itself), I found the front of my car had caved in, and realised that despite the sheer speed, the cabin itself was relatively unscathed. The airbag did not deploy, nor did the windscreen shatter. 

The impact would also have been much worse if I had acted on my impulse to speed away from my last day of military service, but I guess that’s where the Lord also protected me. 

I want to praise the Lord for His hand in my well-being!