Kenneth Wong - Son with Autism Spectrum Disorder

When my son Joshua was born in 1998, he showed many signs of autism: speech delay, social impairment, lack of eye contact, etc. My wife and I just wanted Joshua to be as normal as possible, so we brought him to specialist doctors and the best child psychologists in Singapore to see what could have been done. 

However, we later realised we only had to seek the Lord diligently through prayer. Praise the Lord, Joshua himself knew that God could heal him. He does not hesitate to ask for prayers. As a father, I was proud to see my son have so much faith in God. 

When Joshua was about to go to primary school, the psychologist labelled him with ‘Specific Language Impairment’ and latest Verbal IQ & Performance IQ tests then showed that he was bordering on mental-retardation. My wife and I were prepared to send Joshua to a special school that had an autistic program. They were ready to take him in, but I finally decided against it and to trust the Lord. So we put Joshua in a normal mainstream school. 

Joshua breezed through his school years, scoring exceptionally good grades in English and Math. His teacher had once told us that Joshua was one of her better students! Joshua interacts and socialises very well now and has many friends. He has been totally healed by God. Praise the Lord!